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You will be ensuring we are still here, down the years to come, for your family, friends and others in your local community. Our advice services now are more in demand today than ever before - and as we move into the future that demand looks set to grow even further. 

In the current difficult economic times, we are experiencing significant increases in people wanting our help and greatly appreciate the additional funding from Donations that will help us meet the increased demand for our services.

That's why Donations are so important to us.

About the Citizens Advice Service

Citizens Advice Bureaux have been around since 1939. Every Citizens Advice Bureau is a charity, reliant on the support of a wide range of funders including central and local government, charitable trusts, companies and individuals to provide its services for local communities. However, all the Bureaux face a challenge because our funding is unable to keep pace with the demands for our services.

 For thousands of people we are the only source of professional advice that is impartial, confidential and free, and available on issues ranging from claiming benefits to managing personal debt, housing problems to relationships, employment issues to legal advice.

About CAB Cornwall

CAB Cornwall is also a charity run mostly by volunteers.

CAB Cornwall is resolute in making sure that whatever problems people find themselves having to deal with, there is someone to listen and offer practical advice so that people don't feel alone and can manage their affairs.

Your Donation can help us achieve that aim.

How Do I Make a Donation?

There are two ways:


You can make an online donation to CAB Cornwall via PayPal (all major debit and credit cards) using the button below:

Or if you would prefer to talk to someone about making a donation, you can write to the manager at your local CAB Cornwall office - their address and other office details can be found under 'Get Advice' and then 'Find an office'


Whatever the amount of your Donation and Wherever it goes it will be put to good use, for example to buy much needed computers for use by our Advisers in the Bureaux, or laptops for home visits to allow vulnerable clients to access our service.


So Many Thanks in Advance, CAB Cornwall.