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Volunteering with CAB Cornwall


It may be surprising to learn that the vast majority of the staff at CAB Cornwall are volunteers.  Presently we are looking for new advisers research and campaigns coordinators, and admin support.


Advisers interview clients face to face and over the telephone.  They explore the presenting problem and find out more about the background.  The next step is thorough research using our extensive information system.  Advisers then go through the client’s options, explaining the choices and the potential consequences of each.  Some clients need help with completing forms or writing letters, and sometimes we make phone calls or do calculations on their behalf.  We are looking for volunteers who can offer us about two days a week.  The accredited training programme is free of charge and will provide you with the skills you need – we even pay your travel expenses.


Campaigners use information from the issues noticed by our advisers to influence local and national social policy, and to help bring about change.  This role can be more flexible in terms of working hours, in that it can sometimes be carried out away from the office, or when the office is closed to clients.  Campaigners check, complete and collate advisers evidence forms, write reports on local issues, and liaise with other bureaux and with Citizens Advice nationally.


We are also very pleased to welcome volunteers with good administrative skills and experience to support our local offices, for one or more days each week.


Volunteering with CAB Cornwall can be a challenging, satisfying and very rewarding experience.  If you are interested, we would love to hear from you and tell you more.  Please email us at training@cabcornwall.org.uk, and we will be in touch.  Thank you!