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To apply to be a CAB Cornwall volunteer in any of these roles, please email us at recruitment@cabcornwall.org.uk to request an information pack on the role of your choice.

Please choose which role you wish to learn more about:



In order to become an adviser, it is first necessary to complete Gateway training.

As an Adviser you will:

To learn more about the Adviser role, please click here.


Gateway Assessors

Being a gateway assessor is a perfect way to get a taste for life in the bureau. You will get to see first hand how the service works and from there you can decide if you want to move into an Adviser role or continue as a Gateway Assessor.

As a Gateway Assessor you will:


To learn more about the Gateway Assessor role, please click here.



Campaigners, or Social Policy Co-ordinators, use information from problems brought to the bureau by clients to help bring about real change by influencing local and national policy. This is a flexible role, which can sometimes be partly carried out away from the bureau and outside of their operating hours.


This role can involve: